Alter-Ego Award

For the alternative self of a content creator. Each creator submitted a piece of content that best epitomises their alter-ego. 

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You may vote up to 20 times per category.

It does not need to be the most widely shared or have the most engagements and impressions, as all entrants have a different follower base.

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Cassidy Nicholson for

Constantia Mom

Sipho Twala for

That Mozambican Dude

Titus Mokou for


Tshoganyetso Mothoa for

Neth Thunder

Tumi Mmope for

Tums the Narrator

What to submit:

  • Whilst we recognise that some of your content may live on broadcast channels, to enter this award, you need to direct us to a specific piece of content on social media.
  • Submit the link that epitomises your character the best, and that your fans absolutely loved.
  • This content needs to have been created between April 2022 and April 2023.
  • If you are well-known for having more than one alter ego, you may enter each of your alter-egos as separate entries.
  • Only video will be accepted in this category, and it needs to be under two minutes long.
  • If your content is longer than two minutes, the judges are obligated to watch only the first two minutes.

What the judges are looking for:

  • The persona that stands out the most. You are hilarious, consistent, and deserving of the trophy.
  • Please note, that whilst the judges will be looking at your reach and engagement, your submission does not need to be the most widely shared or the most engaged with, as all entrants have a different follower base.
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