Best Brand Collaboration

This award is for the brands and agencies that found the perfect synergy by working with influencers.

These are the nominees for the Best Brand Collaboration Award.

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DNA Brand Architects for

Your Shade of Beautiful

EssenceMediaCom for


Grey for

Savanna Dry Goods

People Have Influence for

Beauty Is You

The Cavalry for

Takealot | The Jenny Ruyter Saga

What to submit:

  • A short case study, either as a two-minute* video that gives context to the campaign and its stats, or as a few slides (maximum four slides).
  • The campaign needs to have flighted between April 2022 and April 2023.
  • You may enter as many campaigns as you like. Please complete a separate entry form for each entry.  Entries are R1,500 ex VAT each

*If your case study is longer than two minutes, the judges are obligated to watch only the first two minutes

What the judges are looking for:

  • Your video/case study needs to demonstrate the success of the campaign: campaign objectives, who were the influencers, how did you integrate them, what did they need to communicate, what made the engagement so great, what were the results?
  • Demonstrate what makes your campaign stand out: the idea, the execution, the results, etc, and why it should win, i.e., significant achievements.
  • You may enter paid partnerships, takeovers, ambassadorships, and sponsorships.

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