Song of the Year Award

For the most impactful song from the last year that became a sound/trending song on socials. The entries were shortlisted by the judges. 

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You may vote up to 20 times per category.

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AKA ft. Nasty C -

'Lemons (Lemonade)'



Aymos & Ami Faku -

' Fatela'

Inkabi Zezwe -

' Umbayimbayi '

Musa Keys -

' Kancane '

What to submit:

  • The track as a streaming link.
  • The track needs to have been released any time between April 2022 and April 2023
  • You may enter more than once in this category.

What the judges are looking for:

  • A trending tune that they can’t help but associate with social media when they hear it.
  • The tune that stands out the most, and that’s absolutely deserving of winning this accolade.
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