Visual Art Award

This category’s for all the visual artists out there, those who inspire us with their exceptional creativity and their eye for design.

Here are the nominees for the Visual Arts Award.

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Aart Verrips


Damn Vandal

Karabo Poppy


Entry criteria:

  • This category is for professional visual artists. It’s for individuals, not brands or agencies.

What to submit:

  • When you register for this category, you’ll need to insert the link to your best social media platform, the one that you post your art to, so that our judges are taken to that page to view your content holistically.

What the judges are looking for:

  • The visual artist that totally wows us. The page that we’d immediately follow and send to our friends to follow too.
  • Our judges will vote for the page that is consistently great with superb content and considerable engagement. It doesn’t need to be the most widely shared or have the highest reach though, as all entrants have a different follower base.
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